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Old Catholic Communion of North America
An Orthodox Old Catholic Church
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We are Old Catholic

    • Apostolic
    • Biblical
    • Liturgical
    • Sacramental
    • Creedal
    • Historical

What we are not ...

    • Roman Catholic
    • Eastern Orthodox
    • Anglican or Episcopal
    • Protestant
    • New Age

The fathers of the Old Catholic Church sought to abandon the path of Roman Catholic Church and return that which Rome was in the beginning. A church with orthodox or right teachings. This means no infallible Pope, no purgatory, married male clergy (Deacons, Priests, and Bishops) as professed in the New Testament, and communion based on baptism and not reconciliation. All of this and more was taught and practiced by the early church is this is what we profess and teach. We are not a “new church” but instead one might say we are a, “new old church”. We are what the church of the West used to be in the first millennia, especially the first four hundred years.
We hope you take time to study the information on our pages and if seeking to return to the Truth of the early Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church we ask you to worship in one of our parishes where we believe you will find a home.

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