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We are Liturgical, Sacramental, and Apostolic
Our parishes celebrate Holy Eucharist using an Old Catholic Liturgy or may use rites by other Latin / Western Churches such as Anglican or Roman. We profess and provide seven Sacraments and allow all baptized in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to receive Holy Communion. In 2016 our bishops combined their Apostolic Lines and then regularized all clergy. Our lines now come from both the Old Catholic Church and the Assyrian Church of the East.
We Are Traditional Old Catholic
This means we are not Roman Catholic and instead profess the faith of the founders of Old Catholicism which was to return to the faith of the undivided church

 We Are Ecumenical
We seek unity with all orthodox catholic churches and as such seek fellowship and dialog with all communion who profess the beliefs and theology of the undivided church.
About the Old Catholic Church

The fathers of the Old Catholic Church sought to abandon the path of Roman Catholic Church and return that which Rome was in the beginning. A church with orthodox, or right, teachings. This means we reject the recent Roman Dogmas of the infallible Pope, the Immaculate Conception of Mary, and the Assumption of Mary none of which were considered to be dogmas for almost two millennia. We also do not profess teachings such as purgatory, mandatory celibacy, and other beliefs which did not exist in the church of the 1st millennia. In short we profess and teach the faith as did the early universal or “catholic”  church. In closing one can say that we are not a “new church”, but instead we are a, “new old church”.

We hope you take time to study the information on our pages and if seeking to return to the Truth of the early Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church we ask you to worship in one of our parishes where we believe you will find a home.
For more information contact us via email to info@occna.org.

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